Machine Learning Project

THE THINGS SHE BROUGHT” is an interactive exhibit that uses object based story-telling to illustrate the  struggles of my mother’s migration to the United States.


How do I tell the story of my mother’s immigration to the U.S that fully captures her sacrifices and challenges in a unique exciting way?


Using common objects that are unique to her, I can paint a picture of a hardworking, resourceful matriarch who had to do everything to realize her dreams. 


After interviewing my mother and some her friends, I realized that a lot of their stories were tied to objects, so I decided to use the 
the metaphor of airport travel to tell her story. User’s would grab objects from a bag and run it through a scanner similar to how they would run their own personal objects through an x-ray scanner to reveal my mother’s story. 

Each object had its own corresponding story, for example, running the baby food through the scanner would explain how difficult it was to gain a job as a pregnant recent immigrant and the graduation stole revealed how her dream of having college educated children came true.
The objects were also arranged in a manner that would tell a cohesive story complete story.   

Things Learnt/ Outcomes

- Comments like “your mom is such a badass” proved that the story was sucessful 
- People enjoyed learning aboutvStories of West African immigration